Drivers can choose from a morning or afternoon session and will receive:

Signing on, briefing and classroom session
This is designed to explain the fundamentals of driving a car quickly and safely on the circuit including racing lines, car dynamics and weight transfer. Specific attention is paid to the differences between a car and a kart.

Instructor introduction
Instructors will be introduced and their instructing style and methods will also be explained.

G40 familiarisation with driver seat fitting
Time is put aside to allow the driver to be guided around the Ginetta G40 and its controls as well as explaining the correct seating position. This will allow the driver to become more at home with the car and its controls before beginning track sessions.

On-track sessions
Each driver will receive four 15 minute sessions in the car with one-to-one instruction from their ARDS instructor. There will be a short debrief after each session to increase techniques or ability depending on the level of the driver.

Full debrief
A full debrief and question/answer session will finish the day, summarising what's been achieved, what opportunities there are within junior racing and how the driver may want to see their racing career progress.